Sunday, May 22, 2016

Adv Lvl Design Week 7

So this week, I started to unwrap some of the UVs of my objs, as well as finally porting them into Unreal. I am currently coding the doors to teleport the player to the corresponding doors. I got the teleport to work with an input, but the input keys are weird. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I just want to teleport the player, if the player collides with the trigger box and the player presses up, they teleport to a point.

My code works, just not how I intended. If you press Up or W when the code is working, even if the player isn't colliding with the trigger, the player teleports anyways. My nodes don't respect my parameters and it's bothering me. When I set the input keys to both Up, the teleport is to one point only, despite having two teleport destinations.

The door map.

Lastly, when I ported the side walls and cave, the game character controller didn't like them. I need to go back into maya and modify the meshes to be friendly in Unreal. The doors, platforms, and stalagmites work well though.

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