Sunday, May 15, 2016

Adv Lvl Design Week 6

Hello! This post is going to be updated during the week, so that it's easier for my instructor to see my progress and notes.

I currently have all the platforms moving correctly so that the player can move that way I have intended them to. Now my next task is to create a rope swing. My reference tutorials are as such:

Moving Platform Tutorial

Rope Swinging Tutorial- that I was going to mimic, 
but I was told it would be easy just to program it 
from within the Unreal engine since I was struggling with it.

I've tried to get some coding done on the ropes. I had some help from a classmate, but the coding isn't quite right, as the example he was using to help teach me was a different format than that of what I am using: Paper 2D side scroller vs. 3D side scroller. Below is what Nick's example looks like:

So far I have managed to get the rope to swing (not the best method either), but I haven't figured out how to program a triggered event, when the player jumps and hits the box rope collider player is on the rope. If player is on the rope, then the player moves with the rope or jump off the rope. I guess a true or false would work, with a button pressed feature? I am not sure what that command would be though. Some sort of Input script?

My other issue is, getting the player to hit a door box collider, and presses the up key, then the player enters the door, and the player spawns on the other side of the door. I was going to tackle this after I tackled the rope, since the rope is dealing with programming with a button pressed script (input), and I'm not sure what to use.

I would have taken video footage of the working parts on my project, but my home computer doesn't have a substance plugin? So the cable and it's movement is broken on mine, but for some reason it works on the example Nick made for me in Paper 2D scroller. I'm thinking there is a much simpler way of programming triggers and button input.

As you can see from the footage above in the example given to me, the rope system still isn't functioning accurately to what I want to achieve. Aside from the character coding being different than from the character in my project.

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