Monday, November 2, 2015

Saturday, October 31, 2015

JCSG- Star Wars Celebration 2015

Photo courtesy of David Lackey from No Robots Photography
(I'm the evil one dead center)

I realize I am posting this way after the fact, but it deserves to be here. I am a member of Jet City Saber Guild, and I was given the chance of a lifetime to finally attend Star Wars Celebration, and I got to do it with dear friends, who also have a passion for the fandom. We got to do performances, official interviews, photoshoots, work our own booth, raffle items for Make A Wish Foundation, give out our trading cards, talk to other fellow fans from around the world, and of course train children in lightsabers. It was certainly a dream come true for me. The bonds that I made there, and to actually be around "my kind" was very special to me, and will forever remain special. Even through all the busy hustle and bustle (it was crazy, but incredibly fun and short lived), I managed to take some journalistic type photos of Jet City performing, and I loved doing it too! I felt like I was back in my old job, and capturing my friends doing what they do best, which is sparking the imagination of children and giving them an experience they won't forget. I wish I would have taken more, but I really wanted to experience everything unhindered, and contribute to the experience myself, (and lots of selfies, you all don't want to see.)

So, pardon the watermarking, but it's necessary because of social media and the whole advertising thing lol.

Friday, October 30, 2015


I've been wanting to practice taking personality/portrait type shots with a different perspective for a while and I wouldn't mind getting back into running a studio again. I figured I might as well document my hair change while in the process, especially since I've never had my hair this short (undercut), and I've never colored my hair. I always wanted to, but either my parents would kill me, the Marine Corps would have booted me out for being eccentric, or I just lacked the self confidence to do it in my later years. You learn a lot about yourself, and people's true colors, when you make drastic changes that are different.

Also- Flashback Friday.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Adventures in Washington

Here are some of my photos from various shoots in 2014. It's taken me quite some time to go through them, and I still have many more that I wouldn't mind sharing after doing some editing. While going through my memory dumped files, I realized that I am quite fortunate to have been able to, not only venture in such beautiful parts of the Pacific Northwest, but to also call this area home. It's been an unforgettable experience ever since I've moved here.

Featured here are photos from Ellensburg, Seattle, and Mount Rainier National Park.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Artist and Sport Car problems to be exact. Lol I know things could be much worse, but I clearly didn't think this supply run thoroughly. I regret not taking my SUV for this 36" x 48" canvas. My dreams seem to be rather large these days.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Just one of those photographs I like to do from time to time. This was taken this past summer, and only now did I get to look through some old photos to edit. I have more on the way.

It's a self portrait of sorts that I have done ever since I picked up a camera back in the Marine Corps.

Synnibarr Published

So I finally got a copy of one of the many projects I worked on with Ascension NW, Synnibarr. It was the first Sci Fi Fantasy RPG, and we just updated it. I had the privilege to create the cover.

I am quite pleased with being published once again, and for once its not just in photography.

Thursday, October 15, 2015


My second piece which I call "Doldrums." (Yes that's the word of the day folks) It also glows in the dark. I unfortunately couldn't get my husband to help, but that's ok. I have this nifty thing called a tripod, and skills. Now all I need to do is let it dry, and then varnish it. Varnish by the way, costs more than paint and my canvas' which is rather irritating. However, I am learning a lot with each piece I create. I already have many other ideas to contribute to my series... here's to hoping I have enough space on my walls by the end of this, or I'm going to have to come up with another plan for storage.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Superman has kryptonite. Indiana Jones has snakes. Love Collison has spiders.

It's been one of my biggest challenges in life to live with, although it makes for some funny stories, and running jokes... until one of you people give me a heart attack.

So I've been in a lot of group therapy sessions, and one of the methods the VA docs discuss are exposing yourself to situations that give you anxiety, and deal with it for long periods of time, and to repeat this. The theory is, that your fear will diminish over time. I figured what the hell, I might as well give it a whirl when I saw this very large cross spider spinning her enormous web over my sliding door. 

I watched her, knowing she couldn't get me through the glass (but I'm never going out back ever again), and I learned a lot about how spiders make their webs. I also get to watch her eat at night. She's been living in front of our door for a month or so. I couldn't kill her, knowing she has survived a long time, and earned her status in the insect kingdom. She is clever, and clearly a fighter. I've never seen one as large as her before, and even though I despise the wretched vile creatures, I respect her place in my backyard. She keeps shit out of my house, and maintains her superiority in my backyard... while I watch her from inside my house.

I'm sure she's grown much larger than what my pictures show, since I took them on September 20th. If she is still there on the 20th of October, I'll photograph her again. I still get the willies thinking about spiders being on me, but seeing them isn't so bad, if they aren't in my way... and can't get me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

C'est la vie

So I'm really digging expressing myself in my art. It's been so long since I've been able to do so. It's always: make art for someone else, job, school, portfolio, etc. Here, I don't have to listen to anyone I paint exactly how I feel. I feel free to feel anything with no chains. I love the preparation for it. It's like getting ready for a big game, and leaving everything out on the field. Taking the day's troubles and amassing it all in one shot, but this one shot is my emotions, all my senses, and my experience in one composition. That's how this feels for me. And I like it. Documenting it feels great too, as it feels like I am making my own artistic journal, and my husband gets to be apart of it, which adds to a deeper level of my art being rather personal and therapeutic.

I can't wait to finish this piece... I didn't want to stop, but I had to, as the art store isn't open late at night.
"C'est la vie."


 Lights Off

 Lights On

Monday, October 12, 2015

Ocean City, MD Shoot

This shoot took place earlier this summer, and only now have I managed to review and edit them. I wanted to get these out of the way while my painting dries.

The original purpose of this photoshoot, was to document things I remember from my childhood. For years I was scared that some of these iconic places in Ocean City, Maryland, would be torn down and they would only exist in my memory. I made sure, when I visited home, to document what I remember, and what is new for me. I cannot express how much closure this shoot gave me, so it's very personal, as I have been away from home for so long. Going down to "The Ocean" is something I have been without for many, many, years, but I am very grateful I could experience it with my family once again, especially with my son.
Thanks for putting up with my shit for this, Pops, Mom and Ben. I love you.