Monday, June 13, 2016

Final Update for Adv Lvl Design Class

So I've managed to make the level somewhat presentable, at least in terms of unwrapping particular objects.

Overall view of level

Overall footage of the level in simulation

My coding for health and key collection is still crappy, but I made an attempt. My character takes damage, but the character doesn't collect the health (bar doesn't update) or keys. Hearts and keys don't destroy themselves either, once the player has collided. Not sure what I did wrong this time.

Footage of the player interacting with environment, health damage, keys.

Here are the screencaps of my coding for the HUD, health/damage system, and key collection.

 Full Health
Damaged Health
HUD Widget
Health Bar Blueprint

Damage Box Blueprint 
 Damage Player Blueprint 
Damage Spike Blueprint 

 Heart for Health Regen 
Heart Blueprint 

Key Blueprint for HUD
Add Key on Character Blueprint

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