Monday, April 11, 2016

Lvl Design Class Week 1

Hello Everybody!

My instructor is making me use my blog for assignments, which is pretty rad, because it means I have to update this weekly! So anyone that actually follows my page, will have more stuff to ogle.

So for week 1, I am going to revisit and old level design for a game that never happened (sadface), but I really loved my design. I made a lot of nods to various side scrolling games such as Monster Party (door puzzle), Super Mario Bros. (one of the coin box secrets and door puzzles), and Donkey Kong Country (vine jumping) in particular.

Mood Board/Inspirational Art

environment element nods to classic games

The theme of this level is horrifically/hilariously gory/gross and hellishly demonic, like Monster Party meets Cannibal Corpse meets Mortal Kombat humor. I want the entire game to be very retro, trippy (yet horrific in nature) saturated colors, with black or near black shading (and adult themed) in terms of artistic styling and color scheme. I want to make these levels seem very surreal, some like a Salvador Dali painting, abstract art, and incorporate puzzles into the designs. I want elements of the level to be 3D objects, projected in 2D format (with 2D foreground and background elements) with a parallax design (foreground elements to hide needed items, moving background, etc) like in the newer Rayman  games.

Since the level design I created was meant for the last level before the final boss fight, I wanted to make this particular level challenging in regards to jumping skills/navigation of a hazardous environment (spikes, falls, instantiated things falling from the ceiling), puzzle/problem solving, random monster door encounters, a mini boss (the one eyed snake thing with the penis rattle guarding the master door), and collecting keys in order to exit the level (through the master door) to the final boss.

But now, this is going to be my own project now, I am going to make my own story for this game. I want to tackle taboo subjects: drugs, sex, religion, gore, and warped humor. The only way to sell this would be to make sure the story line is well written, and carefully articulates these topics with perfectly timed humor. George Carlin will be my inspiration, along with many other rebellious artists over the course of history.

The brief story line is you are a character, that drops some acid, smokes some pot, falls asleep, and the character finds them self trying to escape their own mind... and the mind is as limitless as the universe. Due to this, the designs/styles of each level can be completely different than the other. each with their own challenges and unique puzzles and mini games. The way I could keep players engaged, would be to add new levels periodically in updates.

 Original lvl concept sketch

Original sketch of major environment feature (horned monster that you have to navigate to progress through the lvl) and the mini boss (one eyed snake monster) that protects the boss door.

Letters above doors signify where you go if you enter, and where you will end up.  I also want to incorporate random encounters in the doors. (takes you to a separate room, like in monster party, which adds to another level of the subconsciousness)

I'm going to run into some issues in regards to developing this for Unreal. I'm new to the engine and know nothing of C++. This will be a good challenge for me, because at the end of this class, I can add the skills to my resume along with Unity and C#.

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